Whether you have a painting, sculpture, pottery or any other piece of art to be appraised, Hill Art Valuation can assist you with an appraisal report that conforms to your needs. Insurance valuations, property to be donated for charitable purposes, estate planning and probate, pre and postnuptial agreement preparation, dissolution of marriage, or even the desire to buy or sell artwork are just a few of the reasons our appraisal services will benefit you.

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Hill Art Valuation can provide public and private entities, such as museums and galleries, with appraisals of their important artwork, ensuring that their collections are protected for a variety of purposes. In the event that artwork is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, advance preparation through appraisal reports and insurance coverage will protect such entities from significant monetary loss. Hill Art Valuation can also assist the gallery or museum with such events after they occur, and will work directly with the gallery or museum’s insurance agent to ensure timely resolution to such claims.

Non-cash donations are appraised at fair market value upon receipt of a donation by a nonprofit organization. Artwork intended for sale by a museum or gallery is appraised at market value, verifying the seller is informed of the value and receives accurate compensation in exchange for the work.

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It is not unusual to find your client needs an accurate and professional appraisal prepared for a number of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Insurance Coverage and Claims for Loss
    • Theft
    • Damage
    • Destruction
  • Estate Planning and Probate
  • Tax Purposes
  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Pre and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Preparation


A charitable organization may receive donations in the form of non-cash property, creating the need for professional valuations contained in an accurate appraisal report. Insuring artwork in case of damage, destruction, theft or loss are just a few reasons to have a professional appraisal report produced. Hill Art Valuation will work with your insurance agent in the event that such a situation occurs.

Auctioning or selling non-cash donations that a charitable organization chooses not to keep is an additional reason a professional appraisal report may assist you, verifying that the charitable organization is provided with the market value for the work to be sold. This ensures the work is not under or overvalued and provides the charitable organization with the information they need to ensure they receive adequate compensation in return for the sale.

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Tax Appraisals

Donate your art to a Qualified 501(c)(3) and receive a tax deduction for your non-cash
charitable gift

Insurance Appraisals

Protect your art and receive an insurance replacement valuation

Estate Planning Appraisals

Assess the value of a single work of art or collection and receive a fair market valuation