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Welcome to Hill Art Valuation

You are invited to enter our website and view the variety of appraisal services we offer to private art collectors, public and private art galleries and museums, insurance professionals, wealth planners, accountants, estate planning and family attorneys, as well as charitable organizations.

Our Services


Private Collectors

Whether you have a painting, sculpture, pottery, or any other piece of art to be appraised, Hill Art Valuation can assist you with an appraisal report that conforms to your needs. Insurance valuations, property to be donated ...


Insurance, Wealth Planning, Accounting and Legal Professionals

It is not unusual to find that your client needs an accurate and professional appraisal prepared for a number of purposes ...


Public and Private Entities

Hill Art Valuation can provide public and private institutions with appraisals of their important artwork, ensuring that their collections are protected for a variety of purposes. In the event ....


Charitable Organizations

A charitable organization may receive donations in the form of non-cash property, creating the need for professional valuations contained in an accurate appraisal report. Insuring artwork in the case of damage, destruction, or loss ...